Property Management Services

Proactive Management

We strive to eliminate your responsibility, as a landlord, to:

  • Interact with tenants on a daily basis
  • Handle maintenance issues and service requests
  • Resolve tenant disputes with ownership and other tenants
  • Collect rents, assess late fees, and process evictions
  • Renew & Extend leases

Objective Information

We remove any feelings of distance from your property by:

  • Providing you with monthly reports defining your property’s performance, lease expirations, renewals, and any maintenance issues
  • Consulting with you with as much detail as you would like on renewing leases, maintenance projects, and Capital Expenditures.

Experienced Advisement

We consult with you and advise you on:

  • Lease renewals
  • Resolving Tenant issues
  • Capital Expenditures
  • Executing new leases
  • Strategies for keeping your property operating at 100% efficiency
Managed Property Locations

Optimizing Operating Expenses

We utilize our extensive experience and network of professionals to maximize your savings on repairs, maintenance, and other services. We have been on the receiving end of managers who overly spend without consultation with owners and strive not to spend your money without cause or informed permission.

3 Inverness

Industry-Leading Technology

We utilize industry-leading software to track Tenants, Leases, Properties, Units, and Financials for your portfolio. This software allows us to accept and screen Tenant maintenance requests directly from the web and link them to your property for resolution. It also allows you to view leases, financials, and rent rolls from the comfort of your home or office.

8022 Southpark Circle | Managed by Goodman

Dependable and Timely Field Support

Our property managers regularly tour the properties we manage, with or without a specific purpose. This demonstrates a Management presence to your tenants in addition to making sure the property is presentable and at 100% efficiency at all times. Our Managers also are well-versed in interpersonal skills – no more Tenants vacating in the middle of the lease because a property manager was unprofessional.

6535 York

Detailed Accounting

Our bookkeepers have been performing work on Commercial Properties for over 20 years. They are well versed in categorizing expenses to minimize your tax liability at the end of the year as well as reconciling your NNN expenses to ensure you do not lose money on Taxes, Insurance, and Common Area Maintenance. They also assist our Property Managers and Leadership in preparing yearly and quarterly budgets on a property-by-property basis.

5301 Bannock